Thought leadership

Amrop is relentlessly context driven, understanding context demands insight into local conditions and monitoring and understanding of global trends. Our Thought Leadership pieces range from in-depth sector studies by our top consultants, to global-reaching industry analyses and feedback. Amrop Executive Search clients have access to the very latest research and information on markets, talent availability and candidate expectations. Our widely distributed Thought Leadership programme content addresses market trends, business knowledge and innovations in executive search service delivery, as well as career and talent acquisition trends.

Digitization on Boards III: The View From the FrontlinesDigitization on Boards III: The View From the Frontlines

As digitization is reshaping business in the most fundamental ways, there are major gaps between knowing and doing

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New Adventurous LeadershipNew Adventurous Leadership

Mega trends, the future rules of business and building new leadership teams that will create exponential growth in a world of endless business opportunities

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Executive Hazards AheadExecutive Hazards Ahead

A venerable multinational is forced to search in unusual places to reverse a creeping decline, and emerges stronger than ever. After a series of painful experiences, a senior executive questions his assumptions and unearths invaluable lessons. His quest for lifelong learning begins.

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Wise Leadership and AIWise Leadership and AI

Intelligent behavior has long been considered a uniquely human attribute. But as computer science and IT networks progress exponentially, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly standing out as the transformational technology of our age. From industry 4.0 outwards, human and artificial intelligence may compete for jobs. But they will increasingly collaborate and complement each other. What kind of leadership will be needed to make that happen? Here is our summary.

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